Some iPad questions (for UK users)

Having had some time to reflect I have a few questions.

1, How ready are the networks for the Micro sim? Will there be Micro sim products ready in 90 days?

2, Will other Bluetooth keyboards work with the iPad? Apple documentation cites specifically the Apple Bluetooth keyboard.

3, Will apps made for the iPad work on the iPhone automatically or will we have an iPhone/iPad/Universal solution.

4, Will services such as Find my iPhone and remote wipe work on the iPad?

5, How long will that battery really last?

6, Will older dock accessories work with the iPad (where appropriate)?

7, Which iApps for the iPhone don’t port to the iPad and why?

8, How much? No, not an estimate or best guess. How much actually.

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One thought on “Some iPad questions (for UK users)

  1. 3. Apps made specifically for the iPad won’t work on the iPhone. You can either ship separate iPad and iPhone apps or combine them into one app and it will run the appropriate UI on both.

    8. Assuming they use the same price as Macs, a $599 base Mac Mini is £510 in the UK, so that would probably be the price of the 32GB Wifi only iPad in the UK.

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