Mobile World Congress – Consume this

Tablets man, they’re so, y’know, now.

The overriding feeling is that to succeed you must be in the game even if you’re not quite sure what the game is. TABLET TABLET TABLET everyone is at it. The iPad has been a great success so we must launch a tablet, but don’t whatever you do say that. Say: The tablet market has grown explosively and we are going to become part of that success, probably in q2 of 12/13. Whatever daddio you is smoking le crack. As the kids are all saying these days.

Android tablets on show? Billions. Android tablets in use? A handful. Apple stand? Zero. iPads in use? FUCKING BOAT LOADS. I can see seven iPads from where I’m sat and in the press room they outnumber netbooks and other tablets (but not laptops) by quite some margin.

A few people (one bloke I spoke to) are waiting, waiting, endlessly waiting to see how Windows 8 will upset the Apple cart (no, really. I didn’t laugh). They might. Can’t see it.

Men in suits with job titles like Group Head of Mobile Procurement EMEA wander and have impromptu meetings in the way. CEOs stroll the halls discussing strategic partnerships with other like minded CEOs. Nearly all of them have tablets, I mean iPads.

Tablets that aren’t iPads face a very steep hill climb and in any ways they’re still at the bottom trying to work out how to lace their boots. Meanwhile, the iPad is scaling the north face of the Eiger for fun.

But really one of this matters. Who wins? Nobody cares other than the heavily invested companies exhibiting here and one that isn’t, but is the subject of many of the conversations taking place regardless.

One final observation. You know what all these people with iPads are doing here? Working. They aren’t walking the halls watching The Kings Speech or kicking back with a book, they are getting shit done. Stick that in your only for consumption agenda backhaul and smoke it.