People Interested in Windows Phone 7 Phones

At Mobile World Congress Nokia launched a few new phones and an old one with an enormous camera on it. I blogged the press conference with my usual attention to detail and professional commentary here

Shortly after the press conference there was an explosion of interest from those looking for hands on demos and interviews with Nokia spokespeople. As that’s not my bag I simply scoffed the free food, drank the free coffee and waited until the scrum had died down a bit before breaking for the exit.

I’m not doing hard news and nor do I need to do a preview review for anyone so I could come back at my leisure and have a go when the crowd has dissipated. That’s what I thought at least.

I took the picture below on Tuesday at about half one. As you can see I can’t really take good, in focus pictures, but neither can I get anywhere near the Nokia stand.

Nokia Windows Phone Mobile World Congress

As an aside, I had plenty of time to mess about with a BlackBerry PlayBook. Read into that what you will.