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Some iPad questions (for UK users)

Having had some time to reflect I have a few questions.

1, How ready are the networks for the Micro sim? Will there be Micro sim products ready in 90 days?

2, Will other Bluetooth keyboards work with the iPad? Apple documentation cites specifically the Apple Bluetooth keyboard.

3, Will apps made for the iPad work on the iPhone automatically or will we have an iPhone/iPad/Universal solution.

4, Will services such as Find my iPhone and remote wipe work on the iPad?

5, How long will that battery really last?

6, Will older dock accessories work with the iPad (where appropriate)?

7, Which iApps for the iPhone don’t port to the iPad and why?

8, How much? No, not an estimate or best guess. How much actually.

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Pie Star

Apple has spoken out about the rumours that they were selling Final Cut but they haven’t said a word about the Piestar clone. Weird. One story is grumbling along in a smallish circle without escaping the video/Mac press and the other is getting worldwide attention from loads of places.

Why hasn’t Steve Jobs paid the Piestar people a visit with his ninja fruitarian friends and crushed them like a grape? Perhaps it’s because they’ve moved offices so often. That or they’re really not going to do anything and erm… well, leave the customers they don’t actually want* to the rest of the industry.

To the best of my knowledge** the legality of a EULA has never been robustly tested in a court of law so Piestar might not actually be doing anything wrong at the moment but for Apple to go so long without saying anything makes it all the more fun. Has Schiller told Steve his Mac is at the repair shop and kept him away from the Internet for a couple of weeks for fear of Mr Jobs throwing an eppy and killing everyone who: makes, buys, uses, lives near, smells like or looks like the clone? Don’t think Steve can’t have you killed. All he has to do is type Killalldick in to a Terminal session and then your user name. Jean Louis Gassée turns up with a copy of BeOS and that’s the end of you. So if they’re not going to kill Piestar with legal red tape it can’t afford to defend rather than any actual point of law what are they going to do? I reckon they’re going to ignore it publically and then if the shit storm lasts longer than six months send in the fruitarians in.

*If you want a really cheap Mac then Apple doesn’t want your business. Sorry to disappoint you but Steve Jobs thinks you’re too poor to bother with. Why should he spend all his time making beautiful products for people too dumb to earn enough money to justify buying something because it’s pretty. Of course, if you are an Apple customer then that makes you a whole other shade of dumb but hey we all have our cross to bear.

** I’m a bit of a divvy